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The Sadie Collective

The Magnificent Ladies and I of the Sadie Collective at SACE2019

Sadie Collective Team 2019 (2).jpeg
Janet Yellen and Us.JPG

Meeting Janet Yellen

Wow! I got to be in the presence of, speak to, and stand next to Janet Yellen during a pre-conference event at Brookings! (And at the conference, got to introduce Fed Governeor Lael Brainard. Wow!)

The Sadie Collective at African Women on Board's United Nations General Assembly Event

A truly empowering and refreshing experience


Nynja Software Solutions at CUHackIt 2019

My Wonderful Team and I

Setting up Camp at HackGT-2019

Our 36-hour Campsite


Amateur Photo #1628

A Picture Taken of Some Trees Near My Second Home, Sirrine Hall, College of Business


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