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Hiya! I'm currently a 4th year Undergraduate at Clemson University majoring in a B.S. in Computer Science and minoring in Economics and Mandarin Chinese. I'm interested in using my degree to pursue a career in data science with a focus on utilizing my technical knowledge and Economic education to solve problems within monetary policy and financial stability in a unique light.

While those are my primary goals, I have other passions in writing, drawing, and all types of design and development, including video game, graphic, and web. I love creating things (like a card game and a sport), listening to (and sometimes making) music and playing Table Tennis, the board game Go and almost anything Nintendo.




May 2019 - Present

Programmer, Web Designer & Web Developer, Clemson Human factors Software Engineering Lab

At the HFSE lab, we conduct research on and develop efficient solutions for software developers to utilize in their everyday workflows. As a member of the lab, I serve as website designer and developer, having used adobe xd and illustrator to prototype and Bootstrap 4 to implement our lab website, and I continue to maintain it. I also help to create and develop new features for our current research projects in Unity.

September 2018 - Present

Chief Design Officer, The Sadie Collective

As a part of the organizing team of the Sadie Collective, I worked alongside my team to establish the inaugural Sadie T.M. Alexander Conference for Economics & Related Fields, the first conference for Black women in economics and related quantitative fields with the purpose of creating a lasting community, connections, and conversations within those fields. As Chief Design Officer, I communicate with our Chief Engagement Officer and Public Relations Manager to create and execute the Collective's marketing strategy for our annual conference and associated events, maintain the Collective's website and newsletter archive, and design graphics for social media, merchandise, newsletter, and conference materials.

January 2018 - December 2018

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, Clemson School of Computing

As an undergraduate teaching assistant for Computer Science II and Data Structures & Algorithms, I aided students in their comprehension of relevant topics needed for their assignments by answering questions and creating "crash-course" write-ups to explain more difficult concepts. Additionally, I communicated with my graduate and faculty supervisor on best teaching practices.

September 2017 - Present

Member & Graphic Designer, Lead Forward: Leadership Dev. Program

Lead Forward is a leadership development program unique to Clemson University that is tasked with cultivating leadership attitudes and behaviors in order to create the next effective leaders. As an inaugural member, I've had the opportunity to help shape the future of the program as well as learn from it. In Lead Forward, I've learned of and discussed effective leadership habits with my fellow team members and implemented them through a number of successful group projects, such as a presentation to middle school girls about the STEM field and at-risk youth about the importance of Emotional Self-Control. I also create graphics based on class modules to help facilitate the understanding of the material for future students.



October 2019

Participant, HackGT - Georgia Tech

Over the course of 36 hours, my teammate and I built the beginnings of a Google Assistant Conversational Action which provides the user with lessons for learning Mandarin Chinese. I originated the idea, drafted the script and familiarized with the DialogFlow agent for creating the Action. I also designed and wrote up the demo presentation and designed the icons intended for future use in visual components.

October 2019

Mentor, HelloWorld - Clemson University

For Clemson's 12-hour freshmen hackathon, I served as a mentor and held a workshop on the basics of web development prior to the hackathon, which included a live-coding session and Q&A with the attending hackers. During the hackathon, I guided and advised a group of wonderful hackers on solidifying their concept, utilizing Bootstrap 4 and implementing good UI practices for their project: a ticket exchange website for Clemson students, for which they won best Web Development hack.

February 2019

Participant, Pearl Hack - UNC Chapel Hill

Within 24 hours, my partner and I developed a concept for a puzzle RPG which incorporated economics into it's gameplay, the original idea being that the game would serve as an engaging teaching medium. I roughly outlined and sketched aspects of the game's design and worked for the first time in Unity, implementing functionality and features.

January 2019

Participant, CUHackIt - Clemson University

At my first Hackathon, within 24 hours, my team of two and I developed the concept for an Augmented Reality dictionary for Japanese characters, "Kotoba". I had the duty of designing the dictionary entries that would be displayed to the user and also created the Slides which detail the idea, functionality, and future features of the project.



Fall 2018

Software Development Foundations

Using Java & IntelliJ as groundwork, I incorporated best practices in documentation via JavaDocs and requirements documents, and implemented design patterns, structural, behavioral, and creational, into weekly labs and a semester long project. I also became familiar with unit testing, code review, and reasoning (as with the Resolve language).

Fall 2018

Economics of Education

Reviewed a number of topics in the Economics of Education literature throughout the semester including competition between public and private schools, the GED, and the non-market benefits of an education. During the review, I was more formally introduced to the workings of a research paper and how to interpret the results. Concluded the semester with a poster presentation on a topic of choice.

Spring 2018

Data Structures & Algorithms

Via C++, I applied my understanding of data structures, including stacks, trees, and hash tables, to write programs implementing algorithms, like Dijkstra's and Huffman Coding, to solve bi-weekly assignments which were geared toward solving puzzles. In labs, I more thoroughly examined the runtimes and effectiveness of those algorithms.

Fall 2017

Sports analytics

Completed graduate coursework in the statistical analysis of a variety of sports with an economics lens. I utilized R and statistical software, Stata and Tableau, for conducting analysis for assignments.

Languages & Software



Data Structures & Algorithms | Computer Science II

HTML/CSS + Bootstrap 4


Sadie Collective Newsletter Archive | HFSE Lab Website

Adobe Suite


Photoshop | Illustrator | XD

R + RStudio


Applied Data Science | Sports Analytics

Unity + C#


HFSE Lab Research Projects | CUHackIt & Pearl Hack Projects

Java + IntelliJ


Software Development Foundations



Balefron Code - Encryption & Decryption


Other Work

Below you can find links to some of my graphic design and personal projects


Graphic Design


Personal Projects


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