Graphic Design

The Most Fun Expression of Creativity

I have a lot of fun working on graphic design. Ever since I figured out Keynote had barely qualifying capabilities as a replacement for Photoshop, I started learning about and doing some design. This page features those most recent designs.

If you like my work and would like to request a commission, please feel free to contact me.

To the left is an iPhone screensaver of Alan Turing in Fall attire. This is a version of the original which was stylized like the terminal of an 80s computer and where the "user" could select papers to read.


The Sadie Collective

A selection of graphics I've created for the Sadie Collective.

SACE2020 Save The Date


Fundraiser Thank You


Fundraiser Announcement



SACE2019 Program

Click image to view full program


Website Mockups

Website mockups I've done using Adobe XD and a bit of Illustrator.

HFSE Lab - Homepage

Featuring one of my favorite bands, Converge, as "members" of the HFSE lab.

HFSE Lab - Team Page


HFSE Lab - Projects


HFSE Lab - Project Selected


HFSE Lab - Publications


HFSE Lab - Contact


Preview: Personal Website Ideas - Homepage (menu receded)

A tentative idea of how I want my new website to look and flow. Featuring the work of a favorite surrealist photographer of mine, Kyle Thompson. Once I finally start developing it, implementing the animations I have in mind will be a challenge...

Personal Website Ideas - Homepage (menu revealed)


Personal Website Ideas - Courses Pt 1


Personal Website Ideas - Courses Pt 2



Lead Forward

These are the graphics I created which were commissioned by the instructors of the program. I had a lot of fun making these and it's even more fun to know that they're serving a purpose in helping someone else.

As A Leader I Am...

This model illustrates the different stages of mindset in becoming an effective leader.

I Am Intentional...Developing Self-Discipline

This little train is illustrating the process of completing a task or goal. You begin with your purpose, then your intentions (or plan) follows, you make the needed decisions and actions, and then you have your deliverable(s). At the foundation of this process are your values.


Hackathon Presentations & Graphics

I really enjoy designing demo presentations for our project after a long, sleepless marathon of work.

HackGT-2019 Demo Presentation - Title Card

Title card for our HackGT-2019 project, "Learning Mandarin".

HackGT-2019 - Alt Title Card

Alternate title card featuring all of the icons intended for the visual components of the Google Assistant.

  • Top row from the left: Practice 2nd tone, Practice 4th tone, Multiple tone practice, Repeat section, Exit lesson.

  • Bottom row from the left: Practice 1st tone, Practice 3rd tone, Practice all tones, Move to next lesson, Repeat lesson.

CUHackIt-2019 Demo Presentation - Title Card

Title card for our CUHackIt-2019 project, "Kotoba" (I included a neat sliding door transition for the start of the presentation).



A series where I make graphics relating to the Federal Reserve. I might branch out to other Central Banks in the future.

The Eccles Building

It looks like a postcard! This project started after my friend gave me her old drawing pad. I figured I might as well practice on a particularly geometric building.

FedChair Stickers - Powell

The first of a set of stickers I hope to make of all the Federal Reserve chairs, and perhaps some staff as well. Originated due to a lack of proper Fed merchandise. I am that one market. Made in Adobe Illustrator.

Powell Power

I started this line art in summer of 2018 and only got around to finishing it a couple of months later. It was originally going to be a colored drawing of Chairman Powell but I ended up doing a neon sign aesthetic instead. Done in both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Celebration Bernanke

The true meme of this group. My friends always find this picture to be such a joy. I made it on a whim in Keynote. As per memes, there's another version of this featuring sunglasses and a rap about the functions of the Federal Reserve. But I won't include that here.



An ongoing series where I create graphics or edit images in a fun effort to bring some pop culture to economics.

Sunk Costs

This was a part of the T-shirt design ideas I had. I wanted to try and capture the most common phrases I had heard while studying economics. Sunk Costs is no stranger. Made in Paper.


A part of the T-shirt design ideas. This one is a little less intuitive but it stems from discussions in Intermediate Micro about optimizing. In fact, one of my professors would always say before an exam: "Be efficient!" Made in Paper.

The Border of Augustus

This was my first graphic in Photoshop. I had no idea what I was doing when I realized I could mask things and add lighting. All I knew was that I needed to make something about those 2008 Financial Crisis Hearings. They were a lot of fun to watch and I learned a good bit. The two folks are from my favorite panel of the hearings, Comptroller of Currency, John Dugan, and former, John Hawke.



I'm a huge fan of Go and that love for the game extended into some creative mediums that spanned graphic design, concepts for a comic, a social media app, and the lingering desire to make a club.

Ready To Go?

This was a fun design to do. I made it as part of promotional material for the yet created Go club and as a mascot for the social media app concept, the mascot being the subject who is a Nue that desperately wants to play Go.

Kim Jiseok vs Ke Jie (left) & Iyama Yuta vs Park Junghwan (right) - Navy

This was a tedious project but working on it in Adobe XD really helped speed the process along due to that duplicator tool. I made 14 versions of the two games, with the background color changed. I'll only show two more here. It works well as a computer background or a poster. I plan to make more of other games when I have time.

Kim Jiseok vs Ke Jie (left) & Iyama Yuta vs Park Junghwan (right) - Green


Kim Jiseok vs Ke Jie (left) & Iyama Yuta vs Park Junghwan (right) - Coral



Phone Doodles

A few of the drawings I've done on my cellular device.

Rose Face

Sea Face









Graphics featuring my favorite figures or unused assets.

Ralph Vaughan Williams - Collector's Edition

One of the first graphics I made when I finally got access to Photoshop. Ralph Vaughan Williams is one of, if not my most, favorite composers of all time. The beauty and emotion of his music is unmatched. I thought it would be cool to be able to scroll through and listen to his work through some terminal interface, hence the style.

Alan Mathison Turing - Definitive Works

This graphic follows the same style as Ralph Vaughan Williams with the terminal-esque look to it. Instead of selecting music however, one would select one of Turing's papers to read. Alan Turing is undoubtedly my favorite historical figure. His story lead to my interest in cryptography and eventually to my pursuit of Computer Science. This is the original but I try to style him for the seasons.

Scholarship Search

I'm still thinking about building an asset pack for different disciplines. This is the start of that project.


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