Personal Projects

Longtime Passion Projects

Here you'll find a few of the personal projects I've been continuously working on over the years (none of them are necessarily related to career goals, just fun passion projects). The first two are games, the next two are applications, and the latter is a video game. I have too many other projects that I've neglected to list here, including other video game ideas, novels, comics, and music. Feel free to ask me about those and the featured ones.

To the right is a red Frynell (player) suited up for a game of Balefron.



The Battle On Four Fronts

The idea for this ball-stick sport came from playing with my little brother in our backyard back in 2015. Since then, I've made efforts to develop the game over the years. It incorporates elements from a variety of sports like lacrosse, soccer, cricket, and hurling.

To summarize the game, there are two teams of 12 players who play on an octagonal field. There are 20 goals on this field, whose availability shrinks through the three 30, 20, and 10 minute rounds of the game. Players must maneuver the (large) red ball or (small) blue ball into one of those goals to score points. The team with the highest score wins the game. All the designs for the game were made in Keynote.


Bank & Buyers

A Stock Market-Esque Card Game

The idea for this card game arrived to me during the summer of 2018 after waking up from a dream where I was playing party games with a macroeconomist. As with Balefon, it is in ongoing development but B&B is progressing much faster to completion due to the accessibility of the equipment, a simple deck of cards. 

All you need to play is a standard 52 deck of cards, at least 4 people to make 3 players (buyers) and one dealer (bank), ample table space, and an event (market) to bet on. With players managing three piles and the dealer two + n piles, the game progresses in two repeating phases: market betting and intermission. The player who is the least insolvent or the most solvent by the end wins the game.



A Concept For A Social Media Application For Go Players

I came up with the idea for Geta in the summer of 2018 as a possible solution to the coordination and information problem I see in the Go community. Does someone play Go in my town? Is there a Go club near me? Is anyone selling Gobans? Does anyone know where to start in Go? Are there any tournaments happening? Geta seeks to answer these questions by allowing users to search for, join, and register clubs and events, browse, follow, and contribute to topical feeds, and maintain a player profile.

The project started with three main goals:

1. Database of registered Go clubs

2. Database of tournaments and conferences

3. Communication hub for Go players

As I've worked on the project, I decided to focus on designing the UI/UX and fine tuning requirements, choosing to leave the coding to later stages. Below is a prototype of the home screen where users can see the most recent activity from their events, clubs, and feeds. The prototyping for Geta is done primarily in Adobe XD with some help from Illustrator and Keynote (below).


Balefron Code - Encryption/Decryption

Homemade Cipher For Fun

As the name may imply, this project is connected with the game Balefron. The origin of this is rather odd. Fascinated with cryptography at the time, I created a cipher (aptly called Balefron code) and attempted to implement it into the sport albeit unsuccessfully. I kept it and worked on variations of it and added onto its syntax until I thought, in 2017, to make a program out of it to practice my newly learned Python. It is unfinished but the underlying functionalities of encrypt and decrypt are operational.


Pokemon Fan Games

One Of My Oldest Projects

Working on this project back in Middle and High school was the most fun I've ever had on any project to date. It was tedious and long work, writing the stories, dialogue, events, drawing the new designs, cities, sprites, and so many other aspects of the game. I attribute the variety of work I had to do as the reason behind my breadth of artistic interests. Eventually, I'd like to see it completed but for now here are the sprite redesigns my sister and I did.


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